Student Senate Election Results

A closer look into the elections tent

The executive board elections results were announced last week on Friday Sept. 11 after student voting on Wednesday Sept. 9, and Thursday Sept. 10.  The 2020-2021 Student Senate executive board: -President Luke Diel -Executive Vice President Scott Rykala -Social Vice President Isaiah Skeete -Academic Vice President Elliott Kimball -Treasurer Tyler Wright -Secretary Andrew Hreha With … Continue reading

Service Learning During the Pandemic

How Waynesburg University Service Learning classes are adapting

Service Learning has taken a new direction at Waynesburg University for the fall semester of 2020. SLR 105 is a service-learning credit that every student is required to take before they graduate, completing 30 hours of service with a non-profit organization. The dilemma for this school year, however, is that service hours can only be … Continue reading

Residents Assistants Adapt to New Guidelines

What it looks like to be a RA during the pandemic

In an effort to make Waynesburg as safe as possible the university has adjusted the way that resident assistants operate. Riley Holsinger, resident assistant for Willison Hall,  expressed how RAs coming into contact with more resident students than most has changed their door policy.  “As RAs we’re really not supposed to go door to door … Continue reading

Dorm Room Rule Changes

What students should know about new policies in residence halls

Students at Waynesburg University may have already noticed some changes upon arrival on campus after an unexpectedly long summer break due to COVID-19.  One of the major changes affecting students pertains to the residence halls. New rules have been implemented by the University to keep students safe and limit the exposure on campus. Rule changes … Continue reading

Dormant gym put to good use

University Turns Athletic Facilities into Classrooms

In late winter 2019, the world was hit with a virus called COVID-19, which is a respiratory virus that can be spread through coughing, sneezing and talking to someone in close proximity without a mask. The virus reached the United States in early Spring 2020 and with it life hasn’t been the same. Most universities … Continue reading

‘Keep Waynesburg Well’ plan put into action to allow for safe, on-campus instruction

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Waynesburg University has implemented its “Keep Waynesburg Well” plan for the semester.  According to the official Keep Waynesburg Well website, the plan was created “to protect the safety of the Waynesburg University campus community and the surrounding community by addressing strategies to mitigate the risk of the spread … Continue reading

Waynesburg TikTok star gives insight on potential app ban

Ben Ledbetter, junior, grew his platform on TikTok over COVID-19 lockdowns this summer

TikTok certainly made the most of a bad situation. The app positioned itself in the forefront of American social media with its popularity amongst high school and college students. One college student that built a platform on the app was junior marketing major Ben Ledbetter. Ledbetter downloaded the app as a joke in January but … Continue reading

New Starbucks, Beehive and 24-hour convenience store open to students

Video courtesy of Madison Strunk, WCTV The new and improved Beehive greeted students this fall with flexible meal plan options, a 24-hour convenience store and an upgraded Starbucks menu. “The team worked so, so hard,” Shari Payne, vice president of enrollment who oversees food service facilities, said. “As you know, we were working up to … Continue reading

College-bound during COVID-19

Transitioning from high school to college during a pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way America has to function for now.Included in that change is the process of how students transition into college from high school. For Waynesburg University, on-campus tours have changed, explained Admissions Counselor Kyle Digiandomenico.  “From an on campus perspective, we’re limited to how many families we can invite to campus in … Continue reading